Sustainable Biomass Production

This research focus deals with the question of sustainability of the use of biomass resources. It will therefore take into account aspects that are not only related to energy.

Energy crops, especially corn, are increasingly being criticized because its cultivation can result in negative consequences for the environment. The increasing intensive monocultures on both sides of the border will increase this environmental pressure.

The objective here is to identify
biomass resources that have limited negative impact on nature, environment and climate in the regions and map those resources. Research has shown that the combination of nature care and biogas production can have large positive effects in terms of biodiversity in the open field and the circulation of vital nutrients - with simultaneous production of climate-friendly energy.

Likewise, biomass derived from marginal or less fertile areas are an additional potential source that can be tapped for energy production without causing conflict with food production.

In addition, new types of plants with lower requirements can replace the cultivation of energy crops with a high demand for land management. In this research package the potential of such alternative energy plants, taking into account existing infrastructure in the Region of Southern Denmark and Schleswig-CORE is analyzed.