Large Scale Bio Energy Lab

The Project

This project was mainly aimed at the geographical regions of Southern Denmark and Northern Germany. The purpose of the project is the development and testing of technical, economic and environmentally sustainable solutions, especially in the use of biomass in Biogas plants and in Biorefineries in the aforementioned region. On both sides of the Danish-German border there is an increased use of biomass for energy purposes. The different approaches on both sides of the border is a good starting point to develop new collective solutions for the production of energy, new energy products and other high-value products.The high density of about 300 bioenergy plants is not only a significant income factor, but also poses challenges for solutions of new technological, economic, environmental and social problems that only occur at this high density and the consequent new antagonistic and synergistic effects. The large number of bio-energy plants are also an important factor in the creation of links with other fluctuating renewable energy sources and thus needs a better network utilization on both sides of the border.This project creates, together with Future energy network (FURGY), a basis for a cross-border network of policy makers and economic and social actors on both sides of the border, which together identify these new problems and test possible solutions and demonstrate their feasibility on a commercial scale.