The region of Southern-Denmark and Schleswig - K.E.R.N.

On both sides of the German-Danish border there is an increasing use of biomass for energy purposes. The high density of bioenergy plants in the region is not only an important factor for incomes but also poses challenges in terms of new technical, economic, environmental and social problems that arise from this high density and the resulting counteracting and synergistic effects. The high number of bioenergy plants is also an important factor for the creation of linkages to other renewable energy sources and thus to improve network utilization on both sides of the border.

The project, together with the network FURGY form the basis for a transnational network of policymakers and economically and socially active players on both sides of the border to work together to identify
problems, test possible solutions and to demonstrate their feasibility on a commercial scale. The network includes lead actors from academia, bioenergy plant operators and manufacturers and related industries of both sides of the border.