Work packages

The project's goal is to find solutions to the technical, environmental and economic problems of biomass in the region and to develop sustainable solutions that can be implemented in practice. There are ways are shown how regional operating systems more efficient and environmentally friendly biomass, especially using alternative substrates (waste, waste, waste water and alternative energy plants, especially those that fit well into the crop rotation of food production).

These existing complementary competences of the German and Danish project partners are bundled and deployed along the line of development from lab testing facilities to practice efficient production. The main focus of the efficiency improvement is on the development of a decentralized process management including analysis and quality control of raw materials. In order to accelerate the implementation in practice, a German-Danish expert panel will be established based on FURGY Bio Energy Network Group .

Improving the economic feasibility and especially the efficient use of biomass for the German-Danish space is of great importance, especially because here many biomass plants have been built in recent years and the region belongs to the regions with the highest density of such systems worldwide , With technological advancement of existing systems and the design of new systems, thus opening up new business with which extends the value chain in the use of biomass and, it must be from a regionally positive economic impact and at the same time environmentally sustainable production be expected. A comparison of existing and attainable with the project production makes this clear:

As is focused mainly on the production of energy and fuels in today's biomass plants, letting a large part of the potential value in mind. The diagram above illustrates this.